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Freebie Trading Guide

If you want cash in your paypal account today without having to spend a dime, then you've come to the right place! You'll be paid to sign up on IFWs(Incentivized Freebie Websites) and complete 1 or 2 offers (or more for high paying sites). As soon as your 'green' (Instant for most offers), we send you cash with PayPal, simple as that =) Going 'GREEN' means that you have completed the required amount of offers for that particular site. Many offers are free! Each site lists the offers and how much credit they're worth. Sites need 0.5 - 3.0 credits to green. They will tell you this. The more a site pays, the more offers you have to do. When you sign up for an offer, make sure you read the terms and conditions and follow their guidelines, or else your credit will be revoked. After that you can turn around and sell your OWN referrals for cash! This is 100% legit and thousands of people earn their living like this. You won't get rich in this business, but you will make a realistic $500 to $3000 a month depending on how much time your willing to invest. We at freepsite are here to help you 24/7 with whatever you need whenever you need it. Make sure you sign up for these sites using only the links on this site in order to get paid. If you would like to do a trade, just sign up with the link and we'll know when your green. Make sure you tell us your paypal email if you sign up with a different email. Please also make sure you clear your cookies before completing offers on a site and leave your browser on the confirmation page of each offer for at least 2 minutes. Let us know if you need anything or have any questions, we look forward to trading with you!

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Freebie Trading FAQs

1. What is Freebie Trading?

Freebie trading is an entire industry built upon advertisers paying you to try their products or sign up for free trials. Most of the advertiser "offers" are either free or cost much less than the payout you get. You get paid from the person who refers you to the offer site(IFW). We'll cover this in more detail below. There are many people who make a full-time living just buying and selling referrals to these IFW sites. You truly don't have to spend a dime to make $50 today. You can make 100s of dollars just completing offers for people, you'll hear this refered to as "Method 1". All you need is a paypal account to get paid!

2. What Countries are Able to Participate?

Do to the offers available, freebie trading is only open to residents of the United States, Canada, and on most IFW sites, the UK.

3. What are IFWs?

IFWs are Incentivized Freebie Websites. They are what this industry is built on. Each IFW site requires you to sign up and complete an offer (go green) before you can bring in your own referrals. You will be paid for your green as long as you sign up under someone else. Once green, you can find your own referrals and pay them to go green for you, typically 50-90% of what the site pays you. For example: you sign up on 40.IFW.COM for someone, you complete an offer, the offer will credit within 24 hours most of the time if you follow the proper steps, they pay you $20 on "green", you then find referrals and pay them $20 on "green" and you get paid $40 from the IFW site! Most IFW sites are "infinite green" which means you can cash out as many referrals as you like. A few IFWs only let you cash out a limited number of times(Transcendent Innovations, known as trainn, is an example of this).

4. What does "Going Green" Mean?

"Going green" means you have completed the offer requirements for the IFW site you are geen on. Every site have many different offers each worth different amounts of "credit". Each site requires you to gain from 0.5 to 3.0 or more credits. Depending on the offers you will need to complete anywhere from 1 to 10 or more offers to green the site. IFW sites will pay up to $195 or more for your green, and your referer will pay you anywhere from 50% to 100% of this amount.

5. What is "Approval" and Going Red/Going on Hold?

Approval happens when your referer cashes you out or requests approval from the IFW. This means if its your first trade on a particular IFW network(Ex: ZipNadaZilch, OurLoot2Boot, Paradise Freebies, etc.), they will check that all your name and address info is legit. Every time you are cashed out, the IFW will check that you haven't defrauded any offers or completed the same offer twice. IFWs all share information on scammers with each other. If your information doesn't add up, you'll be placed on hold (go red), but this can be fixed simply by uploading or faxing ID and a utility bill to the IFW. You will also go red if you don't follow the terms and conditions of a particular offer and your credit for that offer will be revoked upon which time you'll be responsible for either paying your referer back or completing a replacement offer. You will also go red if more than one person signs up for the same offer, IFW or forum from the same IP address or household. There is a very strict rule of only 1 account per household across the entire freebie trading industy, so you can't get family members in your house to be your referrals. You may sign up for every subsite of a particular IFW network, but you can never sign up on the exact same site more than once. You can NEVER complete the same offer more than once whether its on a different network or not. You also can't complete an offer that you already signed up for, even if it wasn't an incentivized offer when you signed up. Offer fraud is taken very seriously and it's your responsibility to keep track of each offer you complete so you don't complete the same one twice, and to follow the terms and conditions of each offer so your credit isn't revoked.

6. What is Offer Fraud?

Offer fraud can mean one of many things. It is very important to make sure you don't defraud any offers by mistake because this can result in you not only being banned from individual IFW networks and forums, but being banned from the entire freebie trading industry! The following are all considered offer fraud: completing the same offer twice; signing up with false information; signing up from the same household or IP address of another person; not following the terms and conditions of the offer; cancelling your trial or subscription before the stated time you must keep the offer for has elapsed; returning the product/service ordered; using a coupon or promotional code when signing up for or purchasing an offer; signing up for an offer with a prepaid credit card; signing up for an offer with someone else's credit card;

7. How Long will it Take to get Paid?

Most IFW sites payout from 1-48 hours. If you are going green for someone else, they will state before the trade is started whether they pay on green or on approval. If they pay on green, you can expect to be paid from 0-24 hours of your green status. If they pay on approval, you'll be paid within 0-24 hours of the time you are approved by the IFW site after greening, which can take 0-72 hours.

8. What is Project Payday?

Project Payday is a website that teaches you all about freebie trading and has a mentor program you can join once you gain some experience in the freebie trading industry. You must pay or complete an offer to join project payday.

9. What is Method 1 and Method 2?

Method 1 is completing offers (going green) for other people for cash. Method 2 is paying people to be your referrals and go green for you, and then cashing them out for more cash or prizes.

10. What are Mentors?

Mentors are people from a program called Project Payday that are educated and experienced in the freebie trading industry. Project Payday (PPD) Mentors will help you with completing trades and will answer any questions you may have about method 1 or method 2.

11. Do I have to Spend any Money to Make Money?

No. There are tons of free trial offers that cost you $0 and are worth lots of credit, they may hold an authorization on your credit card sometimes, however. There are also many offers that only cost a few bucks and are worth $20 or more in credit. You can make a quick $500 right now just doing method 1. The amount of offers available is your only limitation and new offers are added weekly and monthly on most IFW networks. To make money with method 2, all you need is to be green on a site and get a referral to go green for you. Most IFW networks will give you a freen green if you sign up unreferred and request one. This has no value, it just means you can start bringing in referrals and getting paid for them right away.

12. Is this Process Legal and Ethical?

Absolutely, positively, 100%. This is the only legitamite 100% guaranteed way to make money on the internet. Advertisers want you to try their products and are happy to pay big for new customers. You can literally make a couple hundred dollars on your first day. Your only limitation is the number of offers available. After that your only limitation to your earning potential is the number of referrals you can bring in. There are people who earn over $3000 net profits a month just bringing in and paying referrals to IFW sites.

13. How can I Make Money Today?

You can make your first $50 right here. After your paid for your green(within 24 hours), you'll be addicted! Just be sure to follow all the tips and guidelines in this guide. The process is very simple: 1. sign up on the IFW site with the referral link provided, with valid information(it will be cross-checked); 2. close all open browser windows and tabs and start with a fresh page; 3. temporarily disable your popup/ad blocker and set your browser to accept third party cookies (instructions are in the crediting guide below); 4. delete ALL your cookies (instructions are in the crediting guide below); 5. navigate to the IFW site and sign in, go to the offers page and click the offer you want to complete(you can preview offers beforehand, just make sure you clear your cookies before completing other offers and don't sign up until your ready to complete the offer) 7. Be sure to be aware of the terms and conditions of the offer and the cancellation conditions in order to retain credit for the offer, sign up for the offer with valid info; 8. IMPORTANT: stay on the confirmation page of the offer and don't do anything else for at least 2 minutes so the cookie is guaranteed to track; 9. If you are completing another offer on the same site, clear your cookies again and repeat steps 5-8 for every offer. If you follow these steps, your offers will be guaranteed to credit within 0-72 hours if "instant" or the stated time period if not. Once you're green, your referer will pay you the agreed amount. If all your offers were free trials, this money is pure profit!

14. Can I Complete the Same Offer on Another Network?

NO. You may never complete the same offer twice, nor may you sign up for an offer you are already enrolled in. This is considered offer fraud and will result in you being banned. You may however, complete all the subsites of a givin IFW network(Ex: cash, paypal, ipods, etc. on ZipNadaZilch, etc.)

15. Offer Crediting Guidelines to Ensure Instant Credit

If you follow these simple steps for each offer you complete, you will always receive your credit im a timely manner and will never have to be bothered by the manual credit request (MCR) process. 1. temporarily disable your popup/ad blocker and set your browser to accept third party cookies(accept all cookies), also temporarily disable your firewall for the best crediting possibility; 2. Use firefox for all offers except the gambling/casino ones for which you should use internet explorer; 3. Clear ALL cookies before EACH offer, even if its on the same site; 4. Use valid info and don't use a prepaid credit card; 5. Stay on the confirmation page of each offer for at least 2 minutes; 6. follow the terms and conditions of the offer stated on the offer page of the IFW and on the website of the offer.

16. How to File a Manual Credit Request(MCR)

If one or more of your offers don't credit after a few days, most IFW networks will allow you to file a MCR for most offers as long as you have the confirmation email(s). Some networks and offers don't allow MCRs however, they will state this on the offer page. To file a MCR, just go to the support section of the site you did the offer on and click "file MCR" or similar link. Copy your confirmation email with full headers and paste it into the MCR form. This means the raw email data (click "show original" in gmail, search "how to show email headers" for your email provider). Submit the MCR and check the status of it every day becasue a lot of times they will ask for more information like a screenshot. Your MCR will be granted anywhere from 1-21 or more days, depending on the affiliate/advertiser the offer came from.

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